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Just great Service

No call-center hassles.
No product push. No sales. No long-term contracts.
Just Telecom & IT Service.

One call and Prime Data Communications was on the scene, untangling our tech issues. They installed cameras, moved cash registers, ran cabling and got our business running!

Prime Data Communications is
our go-to IT provider.
— Acquisitions Manager
Untangling your tech issues - at Prime Data, we Install, Service - Nationwide

We Install > Service > Nationwide


Your Nationwide Team
& Our Project Managers

Creating Customized Connections that Work

Build the connections you need, with the tools you need, on your timeline. Individualized solutions for multi-site businesses.

Restaurants & Retail need TELECOM & IT service, support, Nationwide Installation, Service, Problem-Solving, Upgrades
Restaurant, Retail IT & Telecom Service, trusted team for nationwide installation, problem solving, upgrades, recovery, service

Restaurants & Retail

Nationwide Installation & Service
Upgrades & Recovery

Created solutions for more than 50 of our stores. Responsive. Timely. No problem is too hard. Great working with Prime Data!
— Nation-wide Retailer

Restaurants & Retail need TELECOM & IT service and support they can count on. Today’s bottom-line depends on your network being up and running. Call on the trusted team behind your team - for Nationwide Installation & Service, Problem-Solving, Restaurant and Retail Upgrades & Recovery.

Prime Data is my first call for all structured cabling.

- General Contractor


General Contractors trust Prime Data Communications for Structured Cabling and IT Installation. Specializing in New Construction Data, IT and Telecom Installations, Restructure & Recovery, multi-site retail, restaurant, and enterprise-level businesses - Prime Data is the first call for General Contractors who want no-hassle cabling.


Installation & Connectivity


Field Service
Projects & Installs


Cat 5, 6 Cabling
Fiber & Wireless


Network Installation
& Reconfiguration

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Nationwide IT & Tech Solutions


IT & Tech upgrades, infrastructure mapping and problem solving require an experienced provider. Go straight to the PROS at Prime Data Communications. Solutions for End-to-End IT & Tech Infrastructure needs throughout the United States.
No call-center hassle. No sales. Just Solutions.

Talk to a real provider about your IT & TECH challenges.
When you call, we answer.
- You & Prime Data -

Connecting Your Network - IT & Tech upgrades, infrastructure problem solving. experienced provider, Prime Data Communications - Solutions for IT & Tech Infrastructure, United States, No call-center hassle. Just Solutions