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Prime Data Communications is your go-to provider for data, telecom and cabling support and service - without the sales push. Just great service.

Prime Data Communications provides custom care for our valued customers. No call-center-hassles. Instead, our dedicated project manager will work with you to achieve the solutions you need.

Prime Data Communications has qualified technicians in every state

Prime Data provides efficient and trustworthy, nationwide service. Save time and money by utilizing technicians on projects when are where you need them.

Prime Data’s Technicians are experienced and backed-up by Project Managers with years of hands-on experience solving technology challenges and achieving solutions that make you look good.

Digital Signage
Cabling, Installation, Configuration


Allows you to communicate essential information to staff, clients and prospective customers - as well as welcome visitors and post daily announcements, schedules and offers.

This dynamic and responsive content delivery requires unique cabling and data integration. Business remodels, new construction and acquistions necessitate making what you have work - better.

Prime Data Communications has build a network of certified technicians who work together with our project management team to install, connect, trouble-shoot, and configure your digital signage.


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Data, Telecom, Cabling


Serving Multi-Site, Enterprise Clients


Point of Sale, Cameras, Signage


Expansions, New Construction, Acquisition, Remodels & Upgrades - Retail & Multi-Site Enterprises

Point of Sale | POS

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Connecting or reconfiguring your digital POS involves setting up a POS terminal computer at each checkout counter (sometimes with wireless interface), connecting all computers to the local area network (LAN), and plugging all peripheral devices into each computer.

Once your computers and your network are correctly wired, your POS program will synchronize all data and record all transactions from each checkout counter, allowing you to tracks sales, inventory quantities and pricing.

Prime Data Communications configures POS networks on a daily basis. We serve large-scale, multi-site enterprises.

CCTV | Close Circuit TV Installation & Support

CCTV is used for security and surveillance; and so doesn’t fall under the same constraints as broadcast television. In today’s litigious world, CCTV continues to save businesses at every level.

Prime Data will help you locate interior and exterior monitors in the most advantageous zones, for maximum coverage in areas of vulnerability. Our goal is to help you keep your employees, customers and property safe.

The businesses we serve know the value of CCTV for retail, education, business establishments, daycares and schools. Multi-site enterprises need connected solutions.