The way we work has changed. Virtual employees & contract-workers advance personal freedom & the ability for businesses to scale-up with less overhead.

We are advancing this movement.
Because it’s good for people.
Good for business.

Just Good.

Merideth & Joe Konkel
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"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Neal Donald Walsch

Joe and Merideth Konkel, founders, co-owners and hands-on leaders, have always lived life with a sense of adventure. Having met working summer-jobs in a local egg factory, they knew they wanted more for themselves and their family.

Early entrepreneurs, they face the hard realities of owning their own business. Not everything went as they hoped. They rehabbed properties and struggled to make ends meet. Their open about that struggle, because they regularly encourage people to be unafraid to begin again.

After working in the IT and TELECOM business for more than a decade, Joe and Merideth decided it was time to being again. They had learned what worked and what didn’t. They wanted to provide customers with better service. So they launched their own IT and TELECOM company, with the aim of providing stellar service.

They knew what it was like to be on the distant-end of calls that deadended in call-centers, what it was like to have a jobe handled by disconnected subcontractors. Prime Data Communications was founded on the belief that Business Owners deserved tech service that provided the kind of personalized service we all value.

Pretty simple. But developing and refining the process that defines Prime Data Communications’ stellar service has taken time.

Today, Prime Data Communications serves a national clientele of multi-site businesses; installing and servicing IT installations and integrations - with everything from buried cabling to pulling fiber optic and installing WIFI, cameras, sound, and registers. Never upselling (because they carry no products), their speciality is pure service.

If Joe and Merideth’s comfort zone was creating a team that provided strong service - they pushed past that comfort zone long ago when outstanding service became their norm. When they raised 3 children to adulthood, and today as they invest in the next generation. In the same way, they invest in those they hire. They believe in their team, expect the best of their team, and love hearing from you - that you’ve been on the receiving end of excellent tech-skills, attitude and service. As their business continues to expand exponentially, hitting year-end goals by mid-year, year-after-year, they continue to build the same high standards into their team, their process, their service. This is life, lived on the other side of our comfort zone, where great happens.

Committed to being the best place to Call for IT and TELECOM service that ups your game-plan for communicating with others, Merideth and Joe and the team at Prime Data Communications, are passionate about making communication work. For you.

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