"The present was an egg laid by the past that had the future inside its shell."

Zora Neale Hurston


Joe and Merideth Konkel, founders, co-owners and hands-on leaders, have always lived life with a sense of adventure. Having met while up to their elbows in eggs, at a summer-job in a local egg factory, they began to dream of things to come; of the family they wanted and a way of making a living that abounded in integrity and provision for not only themselves, but for others. An embryonic dream, waiting to be hatched, Merideth and Joe glimpsed the future and set out on their great adventure.

Early entrepreneurs, they faced the hard realities of business ownership. Before house-flipping was even a thing, Joe and Merideth rehabbed properties and struggled to make ends meet in a less than hospitable economy. Talking about the challenges of that time is something they’re open about, because they love encouraging the dreams of others and inspiring them to persevere in the face of obstacles. These two stellar problem-solvers know how to build networks, allocate resources and discover solutions - traits that prepared them in every way to build a stronger, better communications company.


After more than a decade working in the IT and TELECOM business, Joe and Merideth knew, first-hand, what was working and what wasn’t. Having been on the distant-end of calls that dead-ended in call-centers and experienced what it is to have a job mucked-up by disengaged subcontractors, they became increasingly committed to creating a better way.


“What if we created a business model that delivered stellar service from start to finish? A business model that didn’t send business owners through a call-center of template-responses? What if we actually got on the phone, learned what our clients needed from the start - and then met that need with dedicated and skilled workers?” Reflecting on what led them to today, Joe and Merideth said, “We knew we could do that. We knew we should do that.”

In 2014, they launched their own IT and TELECOM company with a laptop and a cellphone.

From day one, Prime Data Communications’ baseline was a commitment to providing service unlike any other provider. And, reminiscent of their humble beginnings, in a factory, they found they had to crack a few eggs to make an omelet; they took on jobs and made commitments that didn’t always benefit their business model. Discovering how to offer their customers the best price, the best service, in the best response-window - was something that took some huevos.

Relentless in working to create a business model that delivered stellar service from start to finish, today Prime Data Communications is heralded by multi-site, Enterprise Level business executives as a leader in the IT and Telecom connectivity field. When complex IT and Telecom networking requires additional support, leaders know that subcontractor-management or occasional workers who don’t fully grasp what’s needed can be more hindrance than help. It’s just one of the reasons enterprise leaders trust Prime Data to come alongside and provide skilled, timely support that’s one-call-away.

Prime Data Communications has become the go-to company for service that gets IT & TELECOM networking, cabling and service. And, get’s it right.

Joe and Merideth’s hands-on approach is kind-of old-school. Rare, really. Providing you with personalized oversight and a dedicated project manager from start to finish, every store, outlet and center in your large enterprise is more than a number to them. It’s the people, their careers, your clients and your reputation. They get that. And their commitment to making you look good makes a difference in the service they provide.

Merideth & Joe Konkel

Sometimes being old-school is synonymous with being stuck in time; but not for Prime Data. Merideth and Joe remain incredibly committed to creating solutions in an industry that requires constantly evolving knowledge, experience and dedication. Topic specialists, Joe and Merideth know the Telecom and IT business and continue to deepen their team’s ability to stay on the cutting-edge of current and up-and-coming technologies.

Really, there’s nothing else out there - at an enterprise level - like Prime Data Communications.

Merideth and Joe founded their company on the belief that Business Owners deserve high quality IT & Telecom Service without delay and with the same level of commitment you bring to your business. Pretty simple. But developing and refining the process that defines Prime Data’s stellar service took time, perseverance and investment.

Today, Prime Data Communications serves a national clientele of multi-site businesses; installing and servicing IT installations and network integrations with everything from buried cabling to pulling fiber optic and optimizing WiFi, cameras, sound, and registers.

Never up-selling (because they carry no products), their specialty is pure service.

Joe and Merideth continue to lead Prime Data Communications, pushing into new technologies that make your job even easier. Living with conviction, they raised 3 children to adulthood, and today continue to invest in the next generation of leaders.

They believe in their team, expect the best of their team, and love hearing from you - that you’ve been on the receiving end of excellent tech-skills, attitude and service. As their business continues to expand exponentially, hitting year-end goals by mid-year, year-after-year, they continue to build the same high standards into their team, their process and service.


Though Prime Data’s teams are in every US state, they like to meet up with Enterprise leaders when in the vicinity. Give Joe and Merideth a call and let them know you’re interested in meeting for breakfast.

Prime Date Communications - About our Commitments

Scale-up with less overhead.

No sales push - just superior service. That’s our commitment. Knowledgeable & dedicated project managers & experienced contractors. There when you need us.

It’s a model that’s good for people.
Good for growing business.

Just Good.


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We connect people, places and multi-site IT & TELECOM networks with proven, skilled, and trustworthy service. - Joe & Merideth