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Talk with a Project Manager

You won’t get any call-desk run-around from us. Just real service.

We’ll work with you to define what needs to be done, give you a competitive cost, and set a time to get in and get it done.

We are responsive to your time-frame because we know that as a business, keeping your telecom working is essential to keeping your business working. We don’t mess around.

We listen. We’re where you need us.


Techs Deploy to Site

They’ll be there, ready to go, with the equipment they need. Prime Data Communications provides lifts and boring equipment, when the project requires it.

Whether we have one or twenty-techs on-site, you can rest assured that their work will be overseen by a Prime Data Project Manager - so that when you have info to share, you don’t have to add a new workforce to your to-do list. Instead, you talk with one person (your designated Prime Data Manager) and then our project manager ensures that our techs get the work done that you need done, in the way that you need it done.

You’ll get real-time updates from your dedicated project-manager, along with photos of the work in progress and coordinated access to directly manage your site specific network remotely.

  • Our team

  • Your specifications

  • Making you look good at what you do best

Licensed, qualified help, with no long-term contracts. It really doesn’t get any better.


Scale without overhead.


Grow your business and expand your footprint by utilizing the skilled tech available through Prime Data Communications. Leverage the tools and technology you need to boost productivity and get results - without having to hire.

Prime Data Communications supports end-to-end IT and Telecom Infrastructure needs throughout the United States. Licensed, quality work that’s current on networking challenges. Fair pricing. High transparency. And, great service.


Our Commitment

Our goal is to keep your business networked and reliable.

We are dedicated to providing enterprise-level businesses with the timely and experienced service needed for installing enterprise-level networks, cabling and devices, as well as repairing or re-configuring current networks and successfully integrating multiple networks.

You have our word that when you reach out, one of our team will get back to you within the hour. And, you’ll deal directly with a project manager because that's the way we do business.

No call-center run-around; just real people, tackling big jobs, one at a time - and doing it right.

Because we don’t sell products, you can trust that any suggestions we or one of our techs makes is because we have your best project outcomes in mind (we aren’t incentivised by manufacturers and we aren’t in sales).

For us, it’s all about great service.

We bring decades of experience to knowing how to do it right. When our professional cable and telecom technicians work with your team, you have the added support you need to get the job done right, the first time. And that means long-term savings and a better ROI for you.

Our commitment to you is responsive, qualified, timely telecom and IT support and service.

We provide connectivity you can count on.

-Joe and Merideth Konkel, Owner-operators


Our commitment to your Enterprise is 24/7, qualified, rapid delivery IT support & service. Call for emergency network connectivity and restoration.

We provide connectivity you can count on.

Joe & Merideth Konkel