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Prime Data Communications is a leading provider of IT infrastructure and network cabling for multi-site enterprises.

Providing voice and data cabling, video, wireless, and network telecom solutions, Prime Data is your no-sales/just-service stop for customized solutions that provide back-up support for your IT and project teams.


Prime Data provides traditional phone installations and reconfigurations, utilizing land-lines for business phone systems.

Increasingly, however, we provide VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) support and cabling. VoIP uses data networks to efficiently transmit audio conversation; so, rather than maintaining two systems (phone and computers), you’reinvesting in a singular , high-functioning.

If you use a PBX and VoIP, you can cable for data exclusively; often a far more economical investment. And, best of all, our multi-site clients use VoIP to maintain a data link between their individual sites and the larger network, controlling configuration, cost, and security.

As you consider upgrading your telecom and data network, we’ll be glad to help you consider whether your current network is robust enough to handle the combined VoIP and Data load. Read more about structured cabling solutions here.

All voice and data solutions are overseen by a dedicated Prime Data Communications Project Manger. You’ll never be put on hold in a call center. Your project manager will know your project and work with you to meet every deadline with work you can be proud to call your own.


Data Solutions


From installation to remodel and rennovation, Prime Data Communications is your go-to provider for data and telecom support.

As a no-sales organization, we’ll never try to up-sell you. We provide do thing, and one thing well: provide great service.

Liaisoning with your providers, and working in tandem with your project managers and IT department, we’re there when you need an extra hand to deliver results on time.


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